The Games We Play


Two friends and one man, when it comes to matters of the heart nothing ever goes to plan. 

Khia Bradford and Danica Deveaux work together and play together.  Khia confides her inner most desires and to her surprise Danica is ready to play. Developing a twisted game of tag, the women conquer men taking what they want but protecting their hearts.

When Khia sets her sights on the sexy and successful Kaulin Alexander, all bets are off. Both women can’t deny the man’s attraction and soon their twisted love games turn in to a web of secrets, and things quickly spin out of control.

What happens when two friends seeking a thrill cross the  point of no return?  Will one woman’s desire become another woman’s obsession?


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One of the biggest hits in the series! Clearly a remarkable masterpiece.

Authors Assembly

Truly amazing and breathtaking journey, delivered in a fantastic way. One of the best books of the year.

Books Digest

I particularly liked the way the author delivers his message through the main character actions. This is a great adventurous book filled with many moments of action and comedy.

New York Times