Writing My Way

Writing. It’s what I love, it’s what I hate, it’s what motivates me, it’s what debilitates me, and it is also what I cannot live without. My road to writing has been one hilly, bumpy ride. But it’s a ride I’m determined never to get off.

Discovering who I am as a writer has been a journey, now I invite you to take the ride with me. I’m a writer who loves good story telling. Twist an turns get me excited and I love being a little mischievous when creating my worlds.

There was a time I felt I needed to be a certain way, write a certain way to be accepted as an author. I was in a constant loop of trying to please every reader, but now I understand there is no way to do so. I write for the joy of writing, for the entertainment of my readers, and for the accomplishment of creating something that will far out live me.