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20 April 12:00 am - 20 April 11:59 pm


What happens when having it all is never enough?

Daya Chevalier has a life of envy, a successful business, a loving husband, and her every desire is fulfilled. But Daya has secrets, her biggest being her fiery illicit affair with her lover Omari Francis. Omari’s passion captivates Daya, but is the cost of her desire too high?

After an explosive argument with her lover, her husband Josiah knows, and now he’s out for blood. Omari is now presumed dead, and all the evidence points to Daya.

But did she do it?

Daya remains silent about the murder, digging a deeper hole and confirming her guilt. As more details of her private affairs are exposed, other suspects emerge. Is Daya guilty, or is she a pawn in someone else’s game?

Memoirs of a Married Woman, Cursed by Monogamy is a twisted tale of love, passion, and forbidden behavior. This suspenseful thriller will leave you piecing together the puzzle until the very last page.